How To Start Hiring

Start Today For a Great Future

From the many numbers of finest creative and talented Nigerian nomads,we bring to you best of the best,handpicked to givew you satisfaction. When you come on board ndhng in need of freelance of any sort,we want you to have a good experience.

  • Introduction

    Step 1

    How it works has been written for everyone to understand the flow of things between the employer and the freelancers and how to post a project. You can either be an employer a freelancer but not both at the same time but a freelancer can be an employer and an employer can be a freelancer at different times. freelancers are selected based on selection. that is not everyone that apply's to become a freelancer on Ndhng is chosen or accepted,our freelancers are handpicked from the many numbers of creative and talented that be in nigeria.

  • Getting Started

    Step 2

    A freelancer comes online to work and get paid. As a freelancer, you can work and get paid in two ways,posting of your gigs to be seen and chosen from by anyone in need of such services is one way . Another way is an employer can post a gig or a project and freelancers can send applications for that project and the employer can make selection from the many freelancers that submitted applicationa nd the freelancer chosen will work on the gig/project/job.

  • Payments

    Escrow System

    Payment goes from the employer to the admin and when the freelancer gets the work done and the employer confirms the work and approves that payment should be made to the frelancer from the Admin. The Admin pays the freelancer on the account that the employer confirms with the Admin to make such payment.